Jalon death accused released

Death caused by an asthma attack, not a kick to the head.

A judge has released the three men accused of murdering a 24-year-old man in Jalon, after a coroner’s report revealed that Alejandro Pavia died of an asthma attack, not from injuries caused in a fight.
The three people arrested for manslaughter during a fight in Jalon of the young man from Villalonga were released on Monday, after spending two months in prison – one of the trio had been detained in a juvenile detention centre due to his age.
The death occurred at the end of March, when Pavia was involved in a violent brawl outside a pub in Jalon. Pavia was punched to the ground and kicked in the head. He died in the road.
A judge in Dénia ruled that, after reading forensic reports, Pavia, from Villalonga, had in fact died from a severe asthma attack. The Judge, Lidia María Paloma Montaño, explained that the autopsy revealed the blows received during the fight could not have caused his death. Additional information gathered concluded that Pavia was in fact suffering from a severe pulmonary disease, and his blood contained alcohol, but no drugs.
Whilst the judicial procedure continues, the judge released the three accused, a Romanian aged 24, a Spaniard aged 19 and a Moroccan boy of 16, as there was no reason to hold them on the charges they were arrested for. They were released without bail. The judge has now summoned the coroners to issue a definitive report on the cause of Pavia’s death.

Jalon fight accused freed


Night clubber killed in Jalon brawl

A 24 year old man was killed in a fight outside Tallarina bar on the main road in Jalon on Sunday night. According to witnesses, at least four people were involved in the brawl, with the man receiving a fatal kick to his head as he lay in the road. Tallarina is a very popular nightclub, and people travel long distances to attend the Sunday night disco.

The man, Alejandro Pavio Flores, was from Villalonga, and his body has been taken to Alicante for an autopsy.

The Civil Guard are investigating events following up to fight and the subsequent death of the man, whose body lay in the road for a number of hours.

UPDATE – According to sources, Guardia Civil are concentrating their investigations in the Benissa area, where it is thought the alleged attacker resides.