Terrorist arrested in Teulada was from Lliber.

AN EGYPTIAN man was arrested in Teulada on Wednesday, accused of involvement with Islamic State. The man, named as Abu Adam Shashaa, aged 46, once lived in close proximity to the Lady Elizabeth School in Lliber. He organised shelter in Spain for other terrorists who had decided to leave Syria and Iraq.
The detainee lives in a villa located on a large urbanisation. It has been cordoned off and is undergoing forensic investigation. The police have not released the whereabouts of the villa due to the nature of the arrest.
According to the Ministry of the Interior, the detainee is accused of integration into the terrorist organization, Daesh (ISIS), extolling terrorism and indoctrination of Jihadist beliefs.
Officials at the General Police Information Office stated that the main task of the detainee was to assist the arrival of terrorists who had decided to leave Syria and Iraq, providing them with places of transit and refuge, mainly in Spain, as well as assisting them with documentation and obtaining funds.
The investigators also stated that the detainee “had taken advantage of his privileged position within the Islamic community in the province of Alicante to spread contents that praise attacks on their victims.”
The Ministry has verified that the suspect had recently brought in a family from Syria, where one of its members had died fighting. They had been moved from the conflict zone to the Turkish border, and subsequently obtained false documentation in order to secretly enter Spain. Those people have now also been detained under an international arrest warrant. In addition, he tried to fraudulently obtain letters of acceptance for two people, formerly police officers, because of their connection with ISIS, with the aim of aiding their entry from Egypt to Spain.
The detainee used social networks as a tool to spread videos, in which terrorist leaders were urged to use violent speeches as a method of brainwashing their followers.
The operation, which is still ongoing, is being carried out under the supervision of the National Court.