Alcalali drug manufacturers jailed

An Alicante judge sentenced four men to a total of 12 years and two months in prison, for the manufacture of amphetamines in a rural house in Alcalali. The men were caught in 2014 after officers from the Guardia Civil raided their rented property.

The ringleader was imprisoned for four and a half years for crimes against public health, financing the entire production process of the drug, and the supply of equipment and ingredients.

The other members of the group reached an agreement with the prosecutor, whereas they acknowledged the facts, pleaded guilty and sentences were consequently reduced. The ‘cook’ received two years sentence, and the other two convicted both received three years and two months.

The discovery of the amphetamine factory was found during the course of a separate investigation against drug trafficking, authorised by a Denia court, which had resulted in the seizure of 167 kilograms of cannabis in the UK.  Tapped telephone calls during the investigation led police to the defendants and their location.

Police subsequently discovered 45 kilos of amphetamines in two different locations, with an estimated street value of €771,000.


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